About Me

"The Energizer Bunny"

When I was just a baby, I was lovingly dubbed "The Energizer Bunny" by my big Italian family. I was constantly dancing around the house, singing on my karaoke machine, or playing with our family pets. I was always on the move. At three-years-old, I hammed it up at my first dance recital and by the time I turned five, I was in my first musical, "Annie", and the stage felt just right for this outgoing Jersey Girl.

Now, I'm just as busy as ever! I was lucky enough to land roles as a dance captain, vocal captain, swing, and company manager in my first few shows out of college. These roles helped me hone in on my leadership skills and I learned how to perform in and maintain a long-running show successfully. When I'm not auditioning and performing, you can catch me at one of my many jobs, some of which include teaching Zumba, pet-sitting, waitressing, and nannying. In my free-time, I write poetry, volunteer at the aquarium, and try to pet every dog I see! Although I'll always be a Jersey Girl, I am loving my new life in New York City. 

I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BFA in Musical Theatre from The Boston Conservatory in May of 2018 and cannot wait to see what adventures the future has in store for me.

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